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Player Registration Guidelines
Player Registration Guidelines
Guidelines for player registration
  • First Name and Last Name: Player has to provide his/her valid first and last name which matches with Ford Badge or Driver License.
  • Email: Player needs to use his/her personal email id to create the account. Corporate email shouldn’t be used for registration and if any registration is done with corporate email, the player profile will be not accepted and deleted immediately.
           MICH CA also migrating to CricClubs this season. So if you are part of it or any other league which is using CricClubs services then use same email ID across all of them. This will allow the website to pull player stats from all leagues under his profile. But if any other league locks his profile, we wont be able to make changes unless lock is lifted or we need to do it from backend.
  • Password: Player needs to choose his/her password to access website. Login is required to launch mobile app to score and to add comments on articles from website, update personal information and change profile picture etc.
  • Series: Please select series as FCL-2018
  • Team: Please select a team that you will be representing. Contact teams captain ahead before registering to a team. If you are not sure about which team to join then don’t select a team. This is push you to pool, from where captains can select you based on your profile.
  • Nick-Name: Optional field. If you want to show your nick name on profile, you can add provide it during registration.
  • D.O.B: Optional field. We are not willing to take personal info like D.O.B. Your age will be shown on profile if you mention it. It’s Up to players to have it or not.
  • Playing Role: Please select appropriate role like batsman, bowler, WK, all-rounder.
  • Batting style: Right/Left
  • Bowling style: Right/Left, fast/medium, off/leg
  • Phone: Optional field. Please don’t provide phone number. Player with Phone information will not be approved. But player can add it later with edit profile. So technically Admin won’t be having full permissions to delete it. So it’s up to players whether to add or not. If phone is added, his/her phone is visible to league admin.
  • Address: Optional field. League admin will not be having control to delete it. Only player can add, modify or delete address. We recommend not adding this information too. But again it’s up to players if they want to mention city and other details or not.
  • Profile description: If you want to add couple of lines about you, then this is the place. Add details like when you started FCL, if part of any final winning team etc.
  • Choose a File: This is to upload a profile picture. You can do it later from edit profile too.
  • Check this to accept FCL-Ford Cricket League: when you are selecting this that means you are accepting to terms and conditions of FCL which can be viewed by clicking the “Terms and Conditions” link provided below the check box.
  After registration, players can login to website only after approval. Otherwise it will show user doesn't exists.